Seawater Based Chalk In Stock

Our seawater-based chalk cream is in stock! It took a little longer than expected to receive the first batch of liquid chalk made with this new formula. To celebrate the return of this classic we're changing a couple of things in our line-up:

  • Volume Pricing: we're offering up to -2 EUR per product for orders of 3 products or more.
  • Cheaper Shipping: we're making it easier than ever to get your hands on our products with free shipping that starts at orders of 25 EUR.

Some things remain the same though. Our Chalk Cream is still a great choice for beginning climbers or those who prefer to have a chalk that feels softer and more creamy than other brands.

If you're looking for maximum performance you should check our our Magic Chalk. Thanks to Upsalite® the performance is out of this world!