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Our Vision: Skin Care for Climbers

We're developing a line of products to help climbers reduce their use of chalk powder and mitigate the ill effects of chalk on skin health. This means developing products for use during, before, and after climbing.

Before: Moisturizing Cream.

Strong skin is healthy skin. If you want to avoid cuts and wounds on your fingers, you don't need to build even more calluses. You need healthy, well-hydrated skin. We're developing a moisturizing cream specifically formulated by climbers for climbers. Coming soon.

During: Chalk Balls & Chalk Cream. 

For indoor use nothing beats chalk cream: it prevents dust buildup in the air and limits the amount of chalk deposited on holds. This means less brushing for you and healthier lungs for all climbers around you at the gym. We have formulated a unique quick-drying liquid chalk cream that lasts longer and applies more like a skin cream than a liquid. No more mess! 

If you combine this with chalk balls you get the best of both worlds: dry hands from the chalk cream and small top-ups for your finger tips from a chalk ball. No need for a chalk bucket means no more accidental chalk spills. No chalk over-use means a cleaner rock and healthier climbing environment. 

We are selling our own formula of chalk cream in environmentally friendly packaging today.

After: Skin Repair Cream.

As a climber your hands sure take a beating. Especially if you are pushing your limits. Small cuts and scrapes are inevitable and good skincare is essential. We are developing a skin repair cream specifically formulated for climbers to help you get back on the rock faster. Our repair cream is coming soon.

Environment First

Our basic principle is that all our products should be packaged in environmentally-friendly ways. This means avoiding plastics, using natural products, and avoiding the excesses of the mainstream cosmetic industry. All of this takes time, but it's the only way we can feel comfortable selling our products. This means not all products are available today. We only roll them out once we are certain they meet our high standards. Thank you for your patience.


Read More about Our Environmental Initiatives

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