Ripped athlete climbing a massive overhang.

Real dirtbags don't pay retail.

Have you always dreamed of selling contraband from the back of your van? Do you love cutting your homies in on the deal of a lifetime? Is your social media sauce hot & spicy? Are your sends sick, sticky & clicky? Do you need more #gasmoney to fuel your #vanlife?

OH, BOY, do we have THE right gig for you! BECOME A DIRTBAG DEALER.

Other brands have athletes, ambassadors & influencers. LAME! We're building a community of dirtbag dealers.

We are looking for climbers who are not only passionate about the sport and are crushing it, but also genuinely care for the environment and can help us spread our message: USE LESS CHALK.

Does this mean you can't use chalk anymore? No. We want you to help spread the message about sustainable chalk use:

  • Use less chalk.
  • Avoid chalk powder. 
  • Brush your holds.

We are looking for people who can help us spread this message first and promote our products second.

If you think you have what it takes to become part of our network of dirtbag dealers, get in touch by email.

The Dirtbag Deal

The dirtbag deal works in tree ways, pick whatever works best for your lifestyle:

  1. As a #dirtbagdealer you can buy Chalk Rebels products in bulk. Buy a box of 24. Throw it in your van. Sell to your homies. Instant ga$ money.
  2. Get your very own #dirtbagdeal coupon code. Spread it on your socials. Coupon gives your followers a better deal. We PayPal you your commission.
  3. Send us shots of your best #chalkless sends. If we like 'em we PayPal you your gas money.

Interested? Get in touch!