Ripped athlete climbing a massive overhang.

Real dirtbags, athletes & influencers don't pay retail.

We have special volume discounts available for athletes.

We are looking for climbers who are not only passionate about the sport and are crushing it, but also genuinely care for the environment and can help us spread our message: USE LESS CHALK.

Does this mean you can't use chalk anymore? No. We want you to help spread the message about sustainable chalk use:

  • Use less chalk.
  • Avoid chalk powder. 
  • Brush your holds.

We are looking for people who can help us spread this message first and promote our products second.

If you think you have what it takes, get in touch by email.

Real influencers don't just promote.

If you're an influencer in the climbing and outdoor community, and want to help us spread our message, get in touch. We are empathically NOT looking for influencers who will just post our products for cash.

We're a pretty minimalist brand. We believe that what we DON'T sell tells more about us than what we do sell. What we don't sell is chalk powder. It's what we don't sell that sets us apart from other chalk brands. 

Get in touch by email if you believe in our message and want to help out.