First Chalk Cream Samples

Chalk Rebels chalk cream sample

So much friction in such a tiny little pot! We just tested our first sample from the lab that was produced in accordance with all EU cosmetics guidelines. Super excited about the result: our take on liquid chalk applies more like a cream than a liquid, evaporates faster than competing brands, and has been specifically formulated to be packaged in eco-friendly aluminum tubes instead of plastics!

(Update July 2021) Turns out that getting liquid chalk into aluminium tubes was harder than we expected. For the time being we ship our chalk cream in plastic tubes to stay compliant with EU cosmetics guidelines. We are still moving towards aluminium packaging for our skincare products (Repair Cream, Repair Balm)

MAGIC CHALK is the best performing liquid chalk on the market. It contains Upsalite®, the only porous chalk that delivers 2X absorption.

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