Climber climbing Dugi Rat 9a+ in Croatia

Chalk Rebels is on a mission: USE LESS CHALK

We’re in business to preserve the climbing environment. Our primary goal is to reduce the use of loose chalk powder in the climbing community. 

Climbing has seen an unprecedented growth in the last decade thanks to the popularity of indoor bouldering. Popularity means impact we can no longer deny. Our once beautiful rock has been bleached by chalk. The art of true on sighting has been spoiled by ticked holds. Chalk-lung has become a thing. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A little chalk washes right off with rain. A little chalk won’t make you cough like a chain-smoker after a long session at the gym. A little chalk goes a long way. Especially if you avoid chalk powder. Use liquid chalk cream as an alternative. Since I started using liquid chalk cream I have significantly reduced my chalk use. I can’t remember when I last bought powdered chalk.

You can do the same. Use liquid chalk cream as a base layer. Your hands will stay dry far longer. If you still need a little extra, use chalk powder in moderation. Let’s keep the climbing experience clean for ourselves and for future generations by following these three simple rules:

Join the chalk rebellion. Make the rock smile again: use LESS chalk.

Using less chalk is also good for your finger skin. Chalk dries your skin and can cause cracks, tears, and flappers. We have a whole line of skincare products to remedy some of the problems caused.


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